Zukowicz Stack Shredded by Hendriks

So many tournaments can be settled by the flip of a coin and Monika Zukowicz just discovered how costly that variance can be.

She’s had several battles with Alex Hendriks over the last few levels and it looked like a big pot might be brewing between the two. This came to pass as Hendriks raised to 40,000 and Zukowicz shoved for her 550,000 -ish stack – covering her opponent.

Hendriks made the call for his entire 470,000 stack and a giant million chip pot was created – Hendriks showing down A-K to Zukowicz’ pocket jacks. A crucially important flip for both players…

It all looked so rosy for the Pole as the board fell 5c 3d 5s Qd….before the Kc arrived – this dramatic river drawing a few “ooohs” from the table as the pot’s destiny changed in an instant.

Zukowicz took this brutal river with admirable sang-froid as she passed over most of her stack to Hendriks, who now has close to a million whilst Monika’s stack is now a relatively paltry 140,000. She could still mount a comeback but it will be uphill work from here…

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