Zizi Finally Finds a Hand; Promptly Doubles Up Mechiche

Abdelouahab, the tightest player at the table, looked down at Kd-Kc in early position and raised to 110k. In the cutoff, Frederik Foss found 8s-8c but just let them go. On the button, Antti Halme laid down his 7s-7d too. As the commentators said, “If you can get eights and sevens to fold to an open raise, you’re playing a bit too tight.” Indeed.

However, Ali Mechiche was not to be deterred from his As-Qs in the big blind, and instead pushed for 406k total. Zizi snap-called, and they were on their backs, Zizi the massive favourite.

Board: bink! Ah-8d-6c-Tc-Jd

Mechiche thus doubled up to 882k, while Zizi is now the short stack on 406k.

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