Zhu Leaves Pastukhov Behind

Ihor Pastukhov made the initial raise to 900 in early position and a second player flat-called before Dani Zhu (pictured) re-popped to 3,500 in the cutoff. Back to Pastukhov, who now went all in; the caller now gave it up, but Zhu was undeterred and made the call.

Pastukhov: Ah Ks
Zhu: Kh Kc

Board: 8c 3c 3d 6c 4d

With that, Zhu almost doubled to around 70k, while Pastukhov headed for, we assume, either the bar or the reg desk – either way, his initial stack had disappeared into Zhu’s and he was no longer permitted to stay at that table.

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