Zat So Sik

I take back what I said earlier – Veli-Pekka Alakorva’s winning streak appears to be back on! After that early hiccup that we reported, he is now up to a probably chip-leading 80k. Tablemate Julie Whitworth informs us that he tripled up and then doubled up in consecutive hands, all accompanied by the absolute maximum of shouting, air-punching and the like. He’s now settled down again, but we suspect that we will be hearing a lot more from him, literally, as the day progresses.

I paused at his table as he was involved in a three-way pot, but ultimately he turned out not to be the protagonist of this particular hand. Alakorva folded when a raising war erupted between Carsten Klenke and Dmitri Zatsik on the river, the board reading Tc-2c-9d-Ks-Jc. Zatsik ended up all in and revealed 5c-7c for a rivered flush, doubling up to 35k. Klenke was left with less than 10k.

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