Zablovskis on the rise

David Lappin’s table continues to provide some interesting hands. Latest to tangle were Janis Zablovskis and Edgaras Bucinskas. The action opened with a limp from Zablovskis, Bucinskas raising on the button to 550, which Zablovskis called once the rest of the table had moved out of the way.

Jh 9h 9c came the board – a flop which saw Bucinskas fire out 1k once Zablovskis had checked, only to now spring into action with a check-raise to 2,500.

Bucinskas quietly mulled for a few moments before putting in a third bet to 5,200 – suddenly things were getting very interesting and a big pot was brewing.

Zablovskis made the call and the Qc on the turn saw the pace slow – two checks leading to a 6c river.

Zablovskis now fired out a bet – but Bucinskas looked uninterested and threw his hand away – his stack knocked back to 20,000 or so whilst that boon pushes Zablovskis to 30,000.

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