Yes for Marino

Will Dorey had bet 2k on the river of a 7d 4c 9d Ac 7s board and was contemplating the raise to 15k from Valerio Marino when I arrived at their table. After a minute or two, Dorey made the call, but instantly mucked when Marino revealed 5h-7h for trips on the river. Dorey is down to 36k now. Marino, however, upped his stack to an eye-watering 250k – very, very definitely chip leader.

Next hand, Marino dropped a few chips – James Charlton went all in with A-Q against Marino’s pocket queens, and was lucky enough to spike an ace – but it barely even made a dent on his massive stack. While Charlton looked impossibly grateful for the 55k pot he raked in, Marino is still chip leader on over 220k. For context, last night’s chip leader Alan Carr bagged up around 185k.

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