Yarovoy Snatches MPNPT Vienna Day 1A Chip Lead

The great and the good streamed through the doors of the Montesino casino today to vie for supremacy in the €500+50, €200,000 Guaranteed MPNPT Vienna Main Event. Come the close of play it was Artur Yarovoy who had seized the chip lead, his 256,000 the target that the Day 1B field will be gunning for when they return tomorrow.

In total it seems that an impressive 184 buyins were registered throughout the day, the numbers boosted by the 131 players who qualified online for the tournament, the huge 268-strong field that arrived fresh-faced to contend the last minute super satellite qualifier last night and more than a few players took up the option to rebuy if they had been unfortunate enough to be relieved of their first stack.

Together these bold poker players comprised a field filled with a healthy mix of seasoned pros, enthusiastic amateurs and a host of faces, some familiar, some relative newcomers.

Numbered in the ranks of the more familiar were Dara “DOKE” O’Kearney, Roy “The Boy” Brindley and MPNPT regular Phil Huxley, whose ubiquitous hat (pictured) remained at a rakish angle throughout the day. Doke is an old hand at these sorts of tournaments and he negotiated his way through the day with minimum fuss, accumulating 69,100 by the close.

Meanwhile Roy “The Boy” was doing likewise, his natural poker instincts seeing him to a creditable 74,600 at the close. Huxley made it a hat trick, also surviving the day, ready to return for day 2 where he will do his best to play down to the final table. In total, 49 players survived through the day and they will be merged with the Day 1B survivors to play to a final table on Saturday.

Before then, however, we will have Day 1B to play out. This will begin at the earlier time of 2:00pm and once more we’ll be playing out 12 levels. Typically Day 1B’s tend to have larger fields that Day 1A’s so we can expect even more players, even more drama and even more excitement when the action picks up once more later today.

We hope you’ll join us then as the blogging team bring you all the thrills and spills, ups and downs, joy and tears from Day 1B of the MPNPT Vienna Main Event. As well as all this, we’ll be throwing in (for free!) news from the €100+15 Turbo event starting at the later time of 8:00pm. Too good to be true!

We’ll see you then. Sleep well poker fans.

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