Yarovoy Piles on The Pressure

Artur Yarovoy is loving life near the bubble with his big stack, wielding it with all the delicacy of a chimpanzee holding a sledgehammer. It’s pretty effective. Mezei Antal was the latest man to suffer a thrashing at Yarovoy’s hands.

The pot started with a 11,500 open by Yarovoy, three-bet to 30,000 by Antal. Yarovoy called…

The board fell Ad 4s 3s – Yarovoy checked and Antal led out 25,000.

Yarovoy now quietly moved all-in, his enormous stack dwarfing Antal’s.

“Count?” joked Antal, the table laughing at this heartily. With his tournament life on the line however, Antal couldn’t find a call and laid down his hand with a shrug, a chunk taken out of his stack, reducing him to 100,000.

Yarovoy meanwhile continues to dominate his table – he’s up to 710,000 vying for the chip lead.

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