Wozniak Feels Mantas' Power (18th - €9,500)

Mantas Urbonas had a shaky start to the day, dropping off from the chip lead and threatening to make an early exit, but he has turned things round spectacularly – now with over 10 million chips.

Michal Wozniak was the last player to suffer at Urbonas’ hands – moving all-in for his shortish stack with [Ad][Ts]  – only for Urbonas to isolate with [Ah][Kh].

“Not aces?” said Wozniak hopefully as Urbonas turned over his hand. “Better than aces,” he said when he saw his big slick – though his chances were relatively slim.

The board ran out {Ac 8d 3s][Jh][8c] and that was Wozniak’s day over – Urbonas back where he started the day – at the top of the perch…

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