Work of Art Leaves Mauthner Speechless

It’s always a joy in poker getting a bluff or semi-bluff through. We just saw Art Gokcek enjoy such a moment, going three way to a board of Ah Qh 6s and just open shipping his 31,100 into the 7,000 pot from the big blind for a classic 4.5x pot bet!

Martin Mauthner and Thomas Hajek were the two active players in position but after a dwell, both threw their hands away, leaving a smug Gokcek to showdown the 2h 4h flush draw – a valuable and morale-boosting bluff to get through.

He who dares wins and right now Gokcek looks like the cat that got the cream following that coup – even if he has some way to go before his stack is a force to be reckoned with.

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