Williams Finally Downed in 8th (£6,900)

He almost pulled off a Lazarus-esque comeback – we’ve seen it before – but despite working his 25,000 like a champ, spinning it back up to 750,000 with a straight then rivered trips – finally his Rags to Riches story was stopped in its tracks by Gary Miller.

He looked down at a pair in the big blind 2h2c and decided to give them a spin versus Gary Miller’s hijack open with 8h9h. An exciting board of 5hAhAc4s kept Williams ahead right to the death but with approximately 3 million outs (*), it was not really a surprise when the Qh arrived to complete Miller’s flush and send Williams out in 8th for £6,900.

No doubt he’ll wonder about that giant Magnusson hand over the coming days but it was a great performance through the tournament from Williams and he can walk away with a lot of credit for how he conducted himself at the table.

Well played. We continue 7 handed with Magnusson the huge chip leader…

(*) Our maths might not be totally accurate…

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