Whitworth-y Winner

Julie Whitworth has had a blistering start to the day, having already eliminated two of her tablemates.

The most recent success for Whitworth saw her deliver Meelis Simson unceremoniously to the rail.

The hand opened with a raise to 500 from a player in early position, called in 5 spots including Felix Seelentag, Simson and Whitworth in the small blind.

The board fell Qh 6h 6d and shortstack Simson jammed his last 1,360 into the middle; Whitworth and Seelentag the sole callers.

The Jh on the turn saw Whitworth lead out for 2,500. “Full house?” asked Seelentag. “Not yet maybe…I have to call” he added as he threw in the chips. “This is not good for me,” laughed Simson, sensing elimination.

The Th on the river saw Whitworth bet out 2,500 once more – Seelentag making a quick fold – to leave Whitworth turning over Kh 8h – no full house, but her king-high flush was good enough to beat the all-in Simson and he threw his inferior holding into the muck.

Whitworth beamed as she swept up the pot – her stack now over the 42,000 mark.


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