Westin World Destroyed

The timelines have now fallen into synch and we can reveal Thomas Westin was the player to bubble – his progress through the tournament ending on the feature table and on the bubble. As so often is the case, it was a cruel moment and a cruel beat.

Clark saw Colin Guthrie open to 20,000 with Ad 2d and Alex Clark 3-bet to 60,000 with 7d 9s. Holding Kd  Kc  this was a juicy spot for Westin – and he duly jammed his 89,000 into the middle – Guthrie folding but Clarke committed to call with his relatively weak holding for the additional 29,000.

The board was a poor one for Westin, coming Jc  Qc  Ts  to give Clarke a realistic shot at a straight and the Ks  on the turn was horrific, completing the draw and threatening his elimination.

He still had some pair-up full house outs to save him but a 7h  was as useful as an inflatable chocolate teapot-shaped dartboard and his day was ended in 48th spot. Sad face emoji x 1. Happy face emoji x 47.

It’s not all bad news for Westin though – the MPNPT tour often has a promotion where the bubble is awarded a seat for the next event and it’s in effect here so congratulations Thomas – you just completed the strangest satellite qualifier for MPNPT London possible.

We continue onward with a slew of players throwing their chips into the middle with abandon. Fun times ahead!

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