Warowiec Strikes Critical Blow

Fredrik Bergmann(pictured) has scaled the heights today – but a recent hand proved a tough and costly one for the former chip leader.

We joined his table with a giant pot brewing – a board of 6c  2s  7h  Kc  9d arrayed and his opponent in the hand, Mateusz Warowiec moving all-in for just over 50,000.

As Bergmann pondered a difficult decision, with what would later be shown to be pocket queens, Maria Stroemstad, who has shown a propensity to voice her opinion at numerous stages, offered her blunt assessment of Bergmann. “He thinks he has a b*g penis,” she threw into the mix unbidden.

Bergmann neither confirmed nor denied this assessment, his mind perhaps on other things as the 50,000 bet was close to half his stack. Eventually he threw in a chip to confirm a call – only to get the bad news that Warowiec had two pair with the surprising holding of 7-2.

“You defend that?” asked an incredulous tablemate. Bergmann took the beat with good grace, handing over the 52,500 that the all-in amounted to, his stack a shadow of its former self – a below-average 55,000. Warowiec meanwhile will be jostling for the chip lead with his new 200,000+ stack. He took a joyful shot of his new chips before excitedly stacking up his potentially chip-leading bounty.

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