Walsh Waves Goodbye

James Walsh was not in great shape when I found him looking down at a 9s-7d-Qs-Kh board, and indeed he soon stuck his last 5,025 in the middle. His opponent, sadly bereft of a player ID card, looked a bit reluctant but made the call anyway, and they were on their backs.

Walsh was actually looking good for a double up – his Kc-Td for top pair and a gutshot was well ahead of his opponent’s Jc-9h pair of nines with one card to go. But Gentleman Opponent also had a gutshot, which came in on the Ts river, sending Walsh to the rail.

Walsh, I learned yesterday during the traditional apr├ęs-poker in the casino bar, toured the world as a member of award-winning electronic dance music outfit Wave Machines, whose hits included The Greatest Escape I Ever Made and I Go I Go I Go. Sadly though I must report that Walsh couldn’t get away from that one, and he has now, indeed, gone.

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