Wagner Decomposes (Out - 8th £3,650)

The poker gods really like to just throw the rulebook out of the window sometimes and have a laugh at some hapless poker player’s expense.

Poor Cody Wagner – finding Ac Ad must have seemed so sweet – and when Cieran Tighe raised from the cut-off with 9d 9c, he was only too happy to three-bet to 240,000.

Tighe called. and the pair went heads up to a doozy of a board – Qh 9h 9s.

Quads for TIghe! Given the stack to pot ratio, there was never going to be an escape for Wagner – he bet 200,000 on the flop – called by Tighe before jamming the turn for his remaining stack – Tighe only too happy to snap-call with the nuts.

No outs for Wagner, though he did hit an ace on the river for zero consolation. Well played sir.

£3,650 for Wagner, we continue seven handed and Mr Kong has laddered another spot! Go go King Kong! TIghe meanwhile has risen to over 2 million…



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