Vist Flips Out

Carmen-Elina Vist saw her bold challenge for tournament glory expire just prior to the break – Tero Kulomäki taking on her shove with A-K on with Qh Qs. A classic race was about to ensue.

Kulomäki survived the race over the 2c Js 5h Jd 3h board to end Vist’s participation. She looked a tiny bit sad at losing the flip but took it well and exchanged some friendly banter with her table before moving on. Well played Carmen-Elina.

There are now 256 players still left from the now 325 entries registered for the day. The blinds are really starting to bite now and we can expect some keenly-contested battles for them as the rising levels put increasing pressure on some of the small and medium stacks.

Carnage awaits!

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