Vanem Doubles Through Modans

Priit Vanem woke up with As-Ah in early position; he opened to 55k was presumably pleased to pick up a call from Davis Modans in the small blind, who, unbeknownst to Vanem, was holding Qc-Tc. An action flop followed:


And indeed the action was not slow in coming. Modans checked to Vanem who continuation-bet a modest 78k; his plan worked and Modans set him in. Vanem snap-called all in, and the cards were revealed.

Modans’ open-ended straight draw failed to materialise on the 6h turn or 2s river, and Vanem doubled to 1.1 million – back in the game. Modans isn’t in any trouble after that, though – he’s still on 1.9 million and remains one of the bigger stacks.

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