Van Zadelhoff Clubs Higgins

Huge pot for Steven van Zadelhoff – a very cold river card costing Colum Higgins.

Higgins had peeled a raise from the blinds with 7c5c – SVZ raising it up from LP with pocket threes.

Higgins check-called a c-bet on the QcQh4c board with his flush draw. The turned 5s went check, check before a devastating card – the 3c – arrived on the river. Completing Higgins’ flush as well as making Van Zadelhoff’s full house, this was the nut action card and no surprise Higgins led out 2.3M with his flush before calling SVZ’s full house raise to 10.6M. A big hit for the Irishman and important coup for the Dutchman – that dramatic hand leaves SVZ on a massive 42M – now clear favourite for the title while Higgins drops to 22M – still a very workable stack.

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