Van Den Berg Sunk in 14th Place (€2,630)

There’s a lot of luck in poker reporting – it’s perfectly possible to stand around for ages and not witness anything of note. Not so today! No sooner had I approached the table and scribbled, “Flop: 7s Kd 4h” on my notepad, than Juraj Valasky bet out, Arjan van den Berg went all in, and Valasky snap-called. Blogger score!

Valasky: Ks-Kh for top set
Van den Berg: Ah-Jh for a flush draw

Turn: 9d

River: 7h, bringing in van den Berg’s flush but also making a full house for Valasky.

With that, van den Berg became our 14th place finisher – to be sure, heartbreaking to bust out first on the final day, having come this close to glory, but he has 2,630 reasons to be happy.

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