Valasky Drowns on River (4th - €20,320)

Juraj Valasky has been quietly effective on the final table, and his talent for finding good spots shone through to the last.

His exit hand saw him move his shortstack all-in from the blinds over the top of an Andrius Chmieliauskas raise on the button with Ah Jh, Chmieliauskas feeling like he was priced in to make the call with the dominated Js 8h.

It looked highly likely that Valasky would double up, the board peeling 6d 3h 3s 5c….but then a final 8s saw Chmieliauskas snipe him dead right at the end.

Good game Juraj Valasky. You’ve negotiated your way through the final table with a good measure of skill and earned your €20,320.

That leaves the play 3 handed – Kramer leading Middleton and Chmieliauskas by some distance in the bid to be crowned champion.

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