Väisänen Crushed

There had already been an early-position raise and two calls when Espen Jorstad reraised from the button and Henri Väisänen pushed from the big blind. The other three players quickly lost interest in the hand but Jorstad made the call, and they went to showdown.

Jorstad: Qh-Qc
Väisänen: in a spot of bother with Kc-Qs

Board: provided absolutely no assistance to Mr. Väisänen but instead rolled out 8s 9h 9d 6h 4s

Paf Qualifier Väisänen is thus busto, unless he chooses to exercise his right to rebuy; Jorstad meanwhile is up to the heady heights of around 70k, with the average stack at just over 32k.

By the by, we’ve had 299 entries so far today, and there are currently 232 players seated at the tables. Hashtag massive.

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