Vadenbring Takes the First Pot

The final table is officially underway with blinds at 150,000/300,000 with a big blind ante of 300,000 and Gustav Vadenbring has the honor of winning the first pot of the day.

The action began with chip leader Maxime Canevet opening to 650,000 from early position with [QsJh] and getting a call from Vadenbring from the small blind with [AdKc].

Both players nailed a pair after the [3dAhQh] came on the flop, although Vadenbring’s aces were better than Canevet’s queens. Neither player attempted for value on this street as both players checked.

Both players checked again after the [2h] came on the turn. Vadenbring checked once again after the [Tc] came on the river. Canevet tried for some value and bet 450,000 and Vadenbring won the pot to go up to 6.4 million after he called.


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