MPN Poker Tour @ Battle of Malta: Urbonas Storms into Chip Lead on Day 2

Day 2 of MPNPT @ The Battle of Malta played out today with a record €1,850,760 prize pool dangling enticingly in front of the remaining 570 players. The incentive for success was clear – and a whirlwind start saw players go for glory from the off – many falling by the wayside as variance and blind attrition took their toll.

The day played for nine one-hour levels, during which time UCOP Main Event Champion Mantas Urbonas managed to secure the chip lead (7,090,000) – emerging as the kingpin amongst the surviving 60 players, pursued closely by the inimitable Grosvenor Poker Ambassador Andy Hills (5,260,000), whose recent superb poker record looks set to be burnished yet further with a deep run here.

Moolhuizen fashions another MPNPT deep run

Other interesting developments included UCOP Leaderboard winner and MPNPT regular Mateusz Moolhuizen working his stack up to 990,000 , including a period mid-day where he faced off against his girlfriend and fellow casher Dehlia de Jong. Sofia Lövgren (1,275,000) also prospered while at the other end of the chip counts, UK player Gary Banks snuck through the day with an 8BB stack – short but hopeful of a push up the counts on day 3. “I’m living the dream,” Gary Banks enthused as he melted into the night to capture forty winks of well deserved rest.

For those whose Main Event dream finished early, they were treated to the official Battle of Malta Players’ Party at the InterContinental Hotel’s exclusive, private Paranga Beach club. Players took the opportunity to let their hair down, dance and drink the night away, forging bonds and memories in equal measure. We’ll have pictures on the blog tomorrow!

Back to the Main Event, the 60 remaining players will return tomorrow at 1:00pm to play down to, or close to, the final table. There will be a dedicated Twitch channel streaming the feature table on a 30 minute delay with cards-up (www.twitch.tv/thrillofpoker).

The stage is set for a gripping denouement to the tournament. There are big stacks, talented players and huge payouts, including a €300,000 first prize, on offer. We know it will be an incredible run-in to the final. Join us tomorrow to see how it plays out.

See you then! Here are the end of day 2 chip counts:


Position Country Name Chips
#1 Lithuania Urbonas Mantas 7,090,000
#2 United Kingdom Hills Andrew Christopher 5,260,000
#3 France Guimond Florin Nico 5,195,000
#4 Bulgaria Yosifov Borislav 3,980,000
#5 Norway Hoyesveen Daniel Andre 3,760,000
#6 Italy Di Mauro Giuseppe 3,165,000
#7 Israel Biton Nave 2,945,000
#8 Poland Wozniak Mr Michal 2,400,000
#9 Italy Cammisuli Flaviano 2,360,000
#10 Maimon Amir 2,255,000
#11 France Sallaberry Pierre 2,220,000
#12 Italy Mirabile Antonio 2,200,000
#13 Germany Neukirch Jonas 2,195,000
#14 Israel Carmi Eran Dov 2,165,000
#15 Mangum Jerome Steven 1,950,000
#16 England Hedley Andrew John 1,845,000
#17 Italy Di Romualdo Tziano 1,800,000
#18 Italy D’alterio Luigi 1,745,000
#19 Romania Iacopetta Enrico 1,640,000
#20 Israel Denino Gill 1,635,000
#21 Israel Sagians Daniel 1,600,000
#22 Spain Corral Juan Pablo Navarro 1,565,000
#23 France Stropoli Julien 1,555,000
#24 Israel Benshoham Avihai Hai 1,460,000
#25 Lithuania Sereicikas Justas 1,330,000
#26 Vasileva Pavlova Tsvetelina 1,295,000
#27 Sweden Lovgren Sofia Linnea Matilda 1,275,000
#28 Benta Sebastian 1,195,000
#29 Portugal Pinho Henrique Oliveira De Sousa 1,145,000
#30 Lebanon Abdalah 2 Fakhreddine 1,140,000
#31 Italy Formica Salvatore 1,130,000
#32 Spain Sanchez Alejandro 1,130,000
#33 Canevet Maxime Thien-Duc 1,040,000
#34 Musumarra Andrea 1,010,000
#35 Finland Moolhuizen Mateusz 990,000
#36 Israel Hazan Mordechai Marko 985,000
#37 Malta Vadenbring Nils Gustav 975,000
#38 Israel Glushcenko Nikolaso 960,000
#39 Estonia Mjagkov Andrei 950,000
#40 Czech Republic Jakubcik1 Ondrej 945,000
#41 Italy Ascone Agostino 885,000
#42 Denmark Ostergaard Jens Erik Thorsten 835,000
#43 Italy Bonifico Liberato 815,000
#44 Spain Martinez Pedro Jose Arribas 790,000
#45 Poland Gruszczynski Sebastian Adam 785,000
#46 Lindholm Samuel 750,000
#47 Cyprus Kyriazi Grigoris 720,000
#48 Fernandez Crespillo Juan Maniel 710,000
#49 Italy Bergamo Alessio 705,000
#50 Israel Katz Darron Charle 665,000
#51 Nezirevic Mirza 645,000
#52 France Bonnardot Benjamin Raymond 640,000
#53 Italy Gravagna 1 Fausto 640,000
#54 Sweden Inerud Jan Christopher 585,000
#55 Italy Della Ventura Sergio Domenico 505,000
#56 Pagliaro Gianluca 485,000
#57 Finland Kettunen Miikka Juhani 480,000
#58 England Banks Gary Hillson 395,000
#59 Israel Teva Elad 390,000
#60 Italy Spitale Guiseppe 330,000

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