Hills Up, Hills Down, Hills Up Again

Andy Hills has been short-stack ninja-ing like the pro he is – he keeps getting his stack in, but somehow no-one can quite seem to finish him off.

Double up #1:

Jussi Mattila raised, and soon called Hills’ push from the button. Mattila’s Ad 7d was playing Hills’ As Qs, which made a flush on the Tc 8d 3s Ts 8s board to double Hills up to 300k or so. Mattila dipped to around 800k.

Stack bisection:

Just a hand or two later, and Hills had doubled up Will Dorey. I didn’t quite catch Hills’ hand, but it definitely couldn’t beat Dorey’s 7s Td straight on the 8c 9d 6c Kd Jh board. Dorey doubled to over 400k, and Hills was left with just 115k.

Double up #2:

Colin Guthrie opened to 37k and got a call from Jussi Mattila before Hills pushed for 125k. Guthrie reshoved, Mattila got out of the way, and Hills’ Ac Qc promptly out-flopped Guthrie’s pocket jacks (board: 9s 5s Qh Kd 6d). “Ah shite,” Guthrie conceded with dignity as Hills doubled back up to over 300k and Guthrie himself dropped back to 800k. “Fuckin’ ‘ell.”

The grind continues.

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