Up & Down for Hills

Andy Hills is definitely having the most exciting tournament of any player here today. Honestly, I’m not sure he’s had more than 17 or 18 big blinds at any point in the last two days, and pretty much every other time I’ve passed by his table he’s been all in.

So far today, his stack has made it into the middle at least four times. First, I witnessed him moving in from early position; no callers. Next hand, he tanked up for a minute or two before pushing again, but this time Dominik Desset called all in. Desset’s 9s 9d was ahead of Hills’ 8h 8c from the start, and very much stayed that way down the Jc 3d 2h 9h 7c board. Desset doubled up to 700k or so; Hills dropped right down to less than 100k, the blinds at 12k/24k.

A few hands later, and Hills doubled back up through Desset, his desperate Qh 6d spiking a queen against Desset’s Ad Tc (board: 9s 4s 4c Qs 9h), and Hills was back up to the heady heights of 170k – almost seven big blinds! He was soon risking his tournament life against Desset again, though, this time in hot water with As 8c playing Desset’s Ad Kc. But the board ran out Th Qh Qc 9c 9d or a chop, and Hills remains in the game for the moment.

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