Hey, are you listening? I’ve got an announcement to make…

In case you didn’t know, there’s a cheeky little tournament series happening online over on Betsafe and other MPN clients from 15th-29th September. It’s actually not cheeky, nor little, it’s MASSIVE with 94 events and over €1,000,000 in guarantees, not to mention the “Greatest Poker Player In The Universe” leaderboard competition with over €20,000 of added prizes!

There’s buy-ins to suit all pockets from €2.20-€320 with deepstacks, rebuys, PLO, 6-max and a main event for €110 with a €100,000 guarantee (lots of online satellites running daily so you can get in for a fraction of the price).

I’m going to be playing most events and will be streaming every day of the series on Twitch including some in-depth analysis, jovial banter and special giveaway competitions. Come join me for 15 days of streaming and get involved in the new twitch community for Betsafe!

Here’s how the UCOP Leaderboard works:

For starters, the winner of the UCOP leaderboard will be awarded the title of “Greatest Poker Player in the Universe” and a nice trophy for bragging rights. If that’s not enough to tickle your fancy the winner also gets a shedload of prizes.

Here’s a breakdown of the top 20 prizes

Player’s Choice Prize:

Players who win a Player’s Choice Prize can select from the following.

€1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package

€1,500 MPNPT Package

€1,000 Cash

1st place – Greatest Poker Player in the Universe Trophy + €1,550 Online Tournament Tickets Package + €1,500 MPNPT Package + €1,000 CASH + Players Choice Prize.

Wait, Really? If you win the leaderboard you get nearly €6,000 in prizes? Time for 2nd place prizes and more…

2nd place – €550 Online Tournaments Ticket Package + €500 CASH + Players Choice Prize

3rd place – €550 Online Tournaments Ticket Package + Players Choice Prize

4th place – €330 Online Tournaments Ticket Package + Players Choice Prize

5th-8th place – €110 Online Tournament Ticket + Players Choice Prize

9th-20th – €110 Online Tournament Ticket

That’s a lot of prizes, let’s check how the points system works.

UCOP Leaderboard points work as follows:

The fewer points you have, the better your position on the leaderboard.

If you win a UCOP event, you will earn 1 point. If you finish second you will receive 2 points, 3 points for 3rd place, and so on.

If you do not enter a tournament, your point score will equal the number of entries, plus one. For example, if 100 players enter a tournament that you do not play in, you will get 101 points for that tournament.

Your worst (highest) 15 point scores will be discarded when determining your overall score so even if you miss some tournaments it doesn’t affect your score too much.

€100,000 UCOP Main Event

Complete any of the following achievements from 1st-29th September and you will win a €110 ticket to enter the €100,000 UCOP Main Event at 17:00 BST on 29th September:

Play 1,000 €10+ Fish Party SNGs or

Play 1,000 €20+ SNGs (Fish Party is not included) or

Play 25,000 hands of €50NL+ (€0.25/€0.50 NLHE or above) or

Play 25,000 hands of €50PLO+ (€0.25/€0.50 PLO or above)

You can track your progress towards these in the poker client, just click on My Account and then Achievements.

Tournament of Champions

Win any UCOP event and you will qualify to play the Tournament of Champions at 19:00 BST on the 6th October 2019 which will reward the top 8 players as follows:

  • 1st place – Players Choice Award
  • 2nd place – 5 x €110 Online Tournament Tickets
  • 3rd place – 3 x €110 Online Tournament Tickets
  • 4th place – 2 x €110 Online Tournament Tickets
  • 5th-8th place – €110 Online Tournament Tickets

That’s all of the information you’re gonna need for now. Get yourselves prepared cause this is gonna be an intense two weeks. I’ll be back with some other blogs as the series progresses….

In the meantime, catch me on my social media pages where I’ll be pre-releasing some giveaway for tournament tickets into the events!

Instagram: @The__BJP

Twitter: @The__BJP








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