That was an exhilarating and exhausting  two weeks to say the least.

I fired up the stream at 4pm on the 15th September and streamed every single day until the 30th September, a volume of streaming I had never attempted before. I struggled to get into a decent sleep pattern. I also I wasn’t exercising so much and I’ve learnt a lesson here for the next time. You really should prep for these series like they are a marathon, because they are!

I knew I was streaming from 4pm/5pm every day and this is something I was 100% committed to. Let me tell you, this streaming malarkey isn’t a piece of cake. I had some tech issues in the beginning but got used to all the new gear within the first couple of days (blog coming soon on streaming set up, there is so much more that goes into it than most people would realise). Nevertheless, I streamed every day for 15 days without a day off, it was insanely fun but also very mentally challenging. (This is especially true at the times you’re getting crushed and it seems that every hero call is wrong, every hero fold is wrong, and every runout decides to shaft you sideways and crush your leaderboard hopes).

Moving on!

It was a fantastic series and even with the sad news of MPN closing its doors in Q2/Q3 of 2020 we all got online and grinded our way through the UCOP events supporting MPN and making sure that the UCOP got the respect it deserved.

Leaderboard wise I finished in 23rd position which I wasn’t thrilled about. Unfortunately I had a lot of early exits where I flopped the nuts or near, be it set over set with a million big blinds where the money has just gone in and my chip count was always 0 after the hand. I think avoiding high variance spots is important for next time and really waiting for a good spot to get the money in is crucial. Sometimes this is unavoidable and most of my exits were like this. I also took a few flips with AK or QQ when I didn’t specifically need to and came out on the wrong end of it. Nevertheless, having 15 discards really helps find a true fair leaderboard position and is a really clever approach by MPN.

I did however cash for €11,919.43 which was obviously insane and awesome including two first places in the €110 Bounty (€2,414) and the €11 Rebuy (€1,763) which secured me a place in the Tournament of Champions. I had a couple brutal 2nd places in €110 bounty for €2,885 and also in the Daily Mosh Pit for €1.104

The whole BJP stream team had fun along the way too. Even a minor breakdown from yours truly on day 9 didn’t crush that. Truthfully, I think it all just got a bit too overwhelming and the reality of grinding for so many days in a row whilst streaming and explaining hands/situations and generally entertaining hit hard. But my fantastic moderators had my back. Making sure that things ran smoothly, they did It all! Donna, Mick and Kat, you guys were awesome.

Donna, oh Donna. The lovely “DarkAngel709” with the super northern accent and the mod skills of a Jedi, You kept me in line, you kept me sane, you kept me talking when I went quiet, you kept me going because you weren’t prepared to give up. You are brilliant!

Mick, Mickoooooono1, Michael, “YOUFLATBSTARD” (Mate how do I do this?) Another one of the brilliant Mod Team I had. You were efficient, hard-working and even though your normal job conflicted with the times I was streaming you made workarounds and gave me way more priority than I deserved. Really glad you were a part of the team, I owe you several beers.

Kat. Well, if I needed someone to make sure I got things done properly, it was you. Kat I need this done, (YEAH DONE MATE NO DRAMA). You did It all, worked really messed up hours to help with the stream, entertained the chat when I was literally a corpse, kept me in toe so I didn’t just smash my desk into oblivion when I got 1 outered twice in 3 hands..I broke some stuff obv. And generally just worked super hard with the rest Betsafe Team including Clodagh, Gianluca and Adam to make sure everything was perfect.

UCOP Side Action

I made a little bet with Grosvenor streamer, Jamie Nixon. We decided that for Day One of the MPNPT @ Battle of Malta Main Event, the loser of a simple best of 3 Heads Up match on MPN had to dress up in FULL DRAG. Let me tell you this, MALTA IS HOT. Malta being an absolute heatbox, and the fact I’m one ugly ass woman I’m not sure why I took on this challenge. Initially, I went 1-0 up and Jamie was terrified. I’m not sure why, he’s better looking as a woman than most women I know.

#sorrynotsorry Karma bit my ass and I lost 2-1, Jamie ran like a lord and I didn’t. Simple. I’m still ugly af as a girl, RIP.

I also played a load of Fish Party Progressive Jackpot SNGs during the series and had a few decent wins but mainly, I was playing Fish Party so I could just give away more stuff to my loyal viewers. I also decided to giveaway some more tickets and even a package to Malta Poker Festival which meant the winners of the daily flip rolls which ran at 6pm and 8pm would be put into a final with 60 entries that would run at the end of the series as a big thank you from myself and the Betsafe Team.

Next Up

I’m currently at the Battle of Malta and will remain in Malta for the Malta Poker Festival at the end of the month (I’ll be back here with blogs about my time here soon). I’ve had a blast with the UCOP series, and I will be making a stream schedule when I return so I’ll see you on Twitch! Also, there’s a chance I could make the feature table here at Battle of Malta so check out the MPN Poker Tour Facebook page for the live stream!

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