Two Table Time

Thanh Doan couldn’t recover from his crippling at the hands of Mantas Urbonas and busted out in 19th place for €1,555; the remaining 18 players have now coalesced on to just two tables with very nearly €50,000 difference between 18th place and first.

Who they are and where they’re sitting:

Table 7

1 Martin Mänd 550,000
2 Keimo Suominen Paf Heart Poker 360,000
3 Oskar Väli 340,000
4 Raigo Lepp 450,000
5 Sergey Luchishin Betsson Poker 700,000
6 Mantas Urbonas OlyBet 475,000
7 Davis Modans 1,950,000
8 Anders Karlsen 490,000
9 Aleksei Vandyshev 970,000


Table 15

1 Andres Abakanov 430,000
2 Antti Halme 1,580,000
3 Aleksei Karev Paf Heart Poker 800,000
4 Petter Karstad 310,000
5 Aleksi Himanen 260,000
6 Julie Whitworth 32Red Poker 250,000
7 Dara O’Kearney 310,000
8 Priit Vanem 1,100,000
9 Juha Ovaskainen Paf Heart Poker 1,050,000

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