Two Pots, Three Players, No Bust-Outs

All hell broke loose on a flop of Jh Tc Th just now, with three players getting their (wildly differently-sized) stacks in the middle.  We’re not 100% on the order in which this happened, but best guess: Eirimas Livonas checked, Andrew Cornwall (pictured in pastel tartan) moved all-in for his last c.7,000, Martin Sogstad set him in (covering both his opponents) and out popped Livonas with a call for around 32,000.

Flop reminder: Jh Tc Th

Sogstad: Qs Jc
Livonas: Td 9x
Cornwall: Jd 9d

The turn: Qh, bringing two pair for Sogstad and a straight for everyone else.  No housing up on the 8d river, and Sogstad took a hit (down to 22,500), Livonas soared to 85,000 and Cornwall stayed alive with half the main pot – 17,000.  “That’s all right, I’ll take that!” said Cornwall, understandably.

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