Two Big Hands!

Priit Vanem just played out a big pot with Antti Halme.

The hand saw Halme 3-bet Vanem’s opening bet. Call.

The board of 4d 5s Tc saw Vanem lead for 150,000. Call from Halme.

Turn: As – Check from Vanem. 200,000 from Halme, check raise to a huge 600,000 from Vanem and incredibly a call from Halme! Massive pot alert.

The river Qd saw both players check and Halme show down Ac 2c to collect the pot.

Wowzer. That hand means Halme now has around 2.2 million, clear chip leader.

The second big hand saw Andes Karlsen lose most of his stack when Oskar Väli raised to 50,000 and Karlsen shoved for his 360k-ish stack.

Väli (pictured) took a long time before calling his stack off with Ac 9c – Karlsen showing down pocket eights.

The board of 8-6-7-J-5 was painful in the extreme for Karlsen – flopping a set before losing out to a straight. He looked unhappy, pointing out he regarded the A9 as a bad call.

Left with a bowl of rice was eliminated shortly afterward in 16th place for €2,070. Well done sir, we hope you can see the positives later!

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