Turtia Inertia

Olybet qualifier Saku Turtia, his bottle of whisky by now long empty, found himself looking at a Qh Qs 9d flop. Daragh Davey had bet enough to set him in – not actually that dramatic a move, given that Turtia had just three big blinds to his name – and Turtia was now making a big deal of it. “WTF is this?” he demanded. “Show me!” Davey of course did no such thing, and eventually Turtia folded. It wasn’t clear if he was aware what dire straits he was in, stack-wise.

Next hand, Turtia just limped in on the small blind, only for Andreas Wiborg to set him in from the big blind. Again, Turtia folded. Said Wiborg: “You do know that this [indicating Turtia’s remaining stack] is the same as this [indicating the pot]?” We’re not sure whether Turtia can really be said to “know” anything at this stage.

A couple hands later, and Turtia finally met his end. He had limped in for 20k on the cutoff, leaving himself less than one big blind behind. Wiborg set him in from the button, the blinds got out of the way, and after what appeared to be some serious deliberation (!!!), Turtia called all in.

Turtia: Qh 9d
Wiborg: Ad 5h

Board: 9h 5s 8s 4s Ah

The disappointment around the table was palpable as Turtia flopped the nine, but everyone cheered up when the ace on the river meant that Turtia had finally been eliminated. He continued to sit at the table, though, and eventually had to be gently helped up and assisted in wobbling to the cash desk by TD Gerard. Good game, sir.

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