Triple Double

A series of double ups:

  • Valerii Firstenko has doubled through Leo Worthington-Leese, his Kh Ks coming good against Worthington-Leese’s Ad Ac on a Js Kd 9h 7s 9d board, the bulk of the chips going in on the turn. Firstenko is up to over 11 million, while Worthington-Leese has Worthington-less on 4.3 million.
  • Flavio Laudani has doubled through Serghei Lisii with Ah Th against As Ks. The chips went in pre, and Laudani’s hand immediately came good on a 7d Ts Tc 4h Qs board, doubling him up to 6 million. Lisii meanwhile has dropped out of the chip lead – he has less than 11 million now.
  • Ace-ten comes good again, this time for Steven van Zadelhoff up on the feature table. The chips went in pre, and his Ac Th proved superior to Lars Larsson’s Ad Qd after the 7s 6d 8c 9c 3d had been dealt. Van Zadelhoff is now on a shade over 6 million, while Larsson (pictured, looking surprised) has just a shade under.

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