Tricksy Lappin Wins Fourway All-In

Woo, what a hand – seen from the point at which all hole cards were on their backs, the action was briefly postmortemed for me.  Some flatting (either the 2,000 big blind or a small raise from early position Gerard Molloy) occurred in late position, prompting a smorgasbord of shoving.  First up, Jonas Martinsen flatted (with queens, as you do), then so did David Lappin (with aces, as you do), suggesting to the shortest stack (who, in his own words, was “going anyway”) that a shove might be in order with Kd 4d (I’m going to stop saying “as you do” but please consider it implied).

Molloy followed with a shove of his own; he held pocket jacks.  Martinsen, the largest-stacked player, then moved in, presumably expecting to take on the two shorter stacks and bump Lappin out of the way.  But no, Lappin was all-in too, with the preflop nuts (although he was eyeing the K-4 suited with semi-serious apprehension).

Flop: 6d 5h 5s

Turn: 6s

River (someone hoping to undo all the dealer’s hard three-pot work said “six!” unhelpfully here): 2h

Lappin’s stack hits 120,000 or thereabouts; Martinsen, on a roll, busted another player the next hand and now has 105,000 of his own to play with.  Whoever fills the three empty seats on this table of death is going to have an uphill struggle in the last level of play.

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