Totti Toots his Way to the Cashier

We caught up with Sweden’s Totti Lind while he was waiting for his payout. He shared he finished around 305th place which would give him a healthy four-figure cash of €1,050.

Despite being Swedish, Lind didn’t have far to travel as he has called Malta his home for some time.

He was down to 19 big blinds and most of them went to another player. He open-jammed with pocket-nines. A very short-stacked player called with ace-queen and another player with around 16 big blinds called with jacks. The jacks held and Totti was very short on chips.

Shortly after he jammed with ace-eight against a player holding pocket threes. Things were looking good for Totti as an eight hit the flop. However, he was drawing dead after a three came on the turn to give his opponent a set and he hit the rail.

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