"Today is going to be fun" - Palokangas Wins Monster

The loudest man in the room is Johan Palokangas, who is having a lot of fun at the tables, chatting away and playing out a number of big pots. His volume is grating slightly on a few members of his table as the following exchange highlighted.

Palokangas was verbally dissecting a recent hand.

“I played it good on the flop, good on the turn, good on the river, perfect!”

One of his tablemates apparently disagreed. “I don’t know what you are drinking but it is very strong!”

Palokangas might have had one or two libations but his ever-growing stack makes him dangerous, as Jozef Bartalos found out to his cost.

The pair were heads-up to a Jc Qh 3c board and Palokangas announced “All-in,” watching his covered opponent carefully. Bartalos shrugged and threw in a chip to call, turning up Ks-Qd for top pair. He was ahead – but not by much – as Palokangas showed him the Ac 8c nut flush draw.

The turn was a relatively safe 8d but the 4c river saw Palokangas swoop into the lead, a win that was punctuated by a big cheer from Palokangas.

“Now you are all in trouble!” he laughed as he collected the pot to move to 330,000 and at least one member of his table rolled their eyes.

“Today is going to be fun!” Johan pronounced. We think so too!

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