To Me - To You

What the poker gods giveth, the poker gods taketh away! Diego Catalan just doubled up to over 500k with Ah Ac against Vilém Vrána (I didn’t manage to catch Vrána’s hand before the dealer swept it away, but the board read 6h 9c 3d Kh Qh ), leaving Vrána with less than 300k.

The very next hand, however, with Josef Šnejberg having raised under the gun, Catalan reraised with Js Jh on the button and then called the push from Vrána holding As Qd in the big blind (Šnejberg folded). The board ran out Kc 7s 6d Qh 8d and duly, the chips headed back to Vrána who is back up to 600k, while Catalan languishes on 250k.

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