Tighe Comes Undone

A slight misstep for Cieran Tighe – he hasn’t had many today – recently caused him to double up Tim Chung.

The hand in question saw Jari Hurri open to 80,000 from the cut-off – Chung shove all-in for 452,000 from the button and Tighe isolate with a shove of his own from the blinds.

Hurri had QcTc and made the fold, but Chung had found pocket aces – and Cieran’s A-Q had few outs to prevent the double-up.

A board of 6d 6d 5c 8d Jc saw Chung home for a double-up to 1,100,000 whilst Tighe could afford to take the hit and remains in a comfortable-second place with 1.8 million chips.

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