Things To Do In Tallinn Before You Fly (Home)

As is usual on the MPNPT Tour, a number of activities have been laid on for the players so they can enjoy their stay here in Tallinn whilst not doing battle at the felt.

The OGs sippin’ on gin and juice

Last night, interested players were whisked off to a luxury spa, where participants spent the evening relaxing in their swimwear, drinking gin cocktails and splashing around whilst getting rubdowns.

Just like an average night grinding online then.

If the vaguely homoerotic ambience of the decadent spa was not to the players’ tastes, there was a chance for petrol heads to prove their mettle at the Go-Karting track today. Nick Diaz, 32red’s Poker Manager extraordinaire, screamed his way to the title.

“Nick was by far the best driver. I wouldn’t be surprised if the lad has it in him to go pro!” we were told*. All the participants seemed to have a fun day…once they had scraped all the grease off their smiley faces.

(*By Nick Diaz.)

Overjoyed beer pong runner-up

The final leg of this evening’s entertainment was a highly-contested beer pong event. For the uninitiated, beer pong consists of bouncing ping pong balls into cups of beer, a successful shot resulting in your opponent downing that particular cup. First to remove all his opponent’s cups wins.

The MPN beer pong leg was won by Matt Attard. Matt drew plaudits not just for his dextrous ball skills but also his unparalleled humility in victory.

We asked Matt for a few tips on how he achieved his illustrious success.

“I’m the ****ing King” he explained simply, beating his chest. Well played Matt!

Matt Attard: The “****-ing” King

There really is a lot of opportunity for the players to let their hair down at the MPNPT events outside of the poker. Incidentally anyone who wants to book tickets on the “Matt and Nick Battle Bus of Glory” booked to tour Estonia at the end of the week, tickets are still available – though be quick! They’re selling fast!  (Well at least two tickets have been sold…)






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