The Walking Dead

The rising blinds are starting to take their toll – the players’ initial 30,000 not looking quite as deliciously deep with the blinds a more menacing 300/600 with a 600 ante. The battles to win them are getting increasingly more aggressively waged and the following players have all fallen by the wayside bidding to win a double-up.

Abram Snaider, Oleksii Lunin, Lars Peter Fredriksson, Innokentiy Savchenko, Jonas Granander, Ant Gokcek and Magnus Hoej have all been zombified in recent times. Bad luck guys but remember the option to have another bite of the cherry (and even a few subsequent bites) will remain until the end of the first level of the day (level 15) of Day 2.

Watch out, they may yet rise again!

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