The State of Play

Just to bring you up to date with the latest from today – we have lost 5 players meaning 18 players still remain in contention for the trophy. Looking dangerous is chip leader from Day 1A Mateusz Warowiec – who has over 1,500,000 chips now and doesn’t look likely to let go of them without a fight.

Double MPNPT final tablist Mantas Urbonas (pictured) is sharing the felt with Mateusz on one of the outer tables – and although he doesn’t have the Pole’s dominant stack – his 400,000 and mountains of experience make him a danger man also.

Here are the players to have fallen today.

Position Name Prize (Koruna) Prize (€)
19 Lars Andersson CZK 47,500.00 EUR 1,900.00
20 Jan Hajek CZK 47,500.00 EUR 1,900.00
21 Teunis Arendse CZK 47,500.00 EUR 1,900.00
22 Ylva Thomsrud CZK 47,500.00 EUR 1,900.00
23 Eoin Starr CZK 47,500.00 EUR 1,900.00

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