The Great War - Cash Game Festival vs MPN Poker Tour

With the MPN Tour and Cash Game Festival proceeding simultaneously, there was always likely to be a little competition kicking off between the two.

As the media teams squared up to each other, they began preening and looking to outdo each other like a couple of silverback gorillas battling for alpha status in the pack. Was this friendly rivalry? Or tweet to tweet combat? We’ll let you decide…

MPNPT began by bragging about their party dancing skills.

It wasn’t just the professionals pulling off the sharp dance routines either. Tour Manager Rich Cunningham showed he too had some slick moves in the locker as the MPNPT team were quick to point out…Eat your heart out Michael Jackson.

This below the belt comment inspired the wrath of the MPNPT team – who began beating their chests to intimidate their rival.

The tension was ratcheting up – the gloves were off and no one was pulling their punches…


With the atmosphere escalating and things threatening to spill into open warfare, a peace deal was brokered, and the two gorillas settled their differences in traditional fashion – by gorging themselves on cheese and wine.

War was averted! Hooray! The silverback gorillas could go back to grooming each other for fleas, hunting bananas and emailing press releases. We’ll turn it over to them for the farewell message.

See you soon guys.

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