The Fours Fade for Leo (5th € 42,910)

Leo Worthington-Leese has put together a fantastic tournament, representing Brighton and the UK with great aplomb. Another flip puts paid to his chances of the title though – holding 4d 4c Worthington-Leese faced a shove from Moldovan Serghei Lisii from the small blind ( Ad Qc and snap-called for his remaining 10M.

It was a key flip and Worthington-Leese lost out over the Ah Ts 3c Kd Jh board. His rail applauded slightly sadly, but with great appreciation for the excitement Leo’s delivered over the last week for them. €42,910 in his back pocket won’t hurt one bit and we’re sure to see this talented player pop up on another final table or two soon.

Four-handed the players continue with their chips as follows:

Serghei – 33M

SVZ – 32M

Colum – 29M

Gulas – 23M

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