Tatar Sauce

Marek Tatar looks like a man determined to enjoy every moment of his time here in Vienna. He is singing songs, playing lots of pots, and right now he has plenty of chips (around 85,000.)

Given the laissez-faire way he is liberally splashing them about, it is possible he could lose them all, or be chip leader by the end of the day. Either way, he is an entertaining figure and we are all for his unbounded enthusiasm.

Stop stealing my lines!

We passed by his table recently to find him having just returned from a toilet break. He had some sage advice for his table, or rather the men at his table.

“When you go to pee, make sure you are finished before you put it back! Otherwise it is bad.”

We forget whether it was Socrates or Plato who first issued those timeless words of wisdom.

He then burst into a frankly incomprehensible chorus of song.

“BUT YOUR B**LS MAY GROW!!!” he sang to his bemused but laughing table.

He then won a pot. Cue another song. “WHEN YOU VISIT THE TOILETTTTTT, YOU ARE LUCCCCKKKKYYYYYYY!” he crooned.

We will keep our ears peeled for more such ribald saucy comments from our current favourite poker player.


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