The Big Squeeze

Into Level 15 now, the 2k/4k (4k ante) blinds are starting to bite into some of the shorter stacks and the wars over winning them are getting more fiercely contested.

These players have recently felt the squeeze, their day ended as the number of players remaining has been reduced to 119. Bad luck, but well played guys.

Mantas Gausas
Silver Simulask
Kaspar Mellanen
Igor Pihela
Henri Schalin, Paf
Philip Huxley, 32Red
Aleksandr Leontev
Hadi Namro, Coolbet
Maksim Petrov
Jelmer de Visser
Mikhel Kall
Teodor Savvidism, Coolbet
Kalle Suvi, Olybet
Mikael Johansson, Paf
Dmitrii Bodrov
Amanullah Tahiri
Aku Matti Joentausta
Pekka Virtanen
Anne Mete Standal, Guts

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