The Best of Sunny Beach

Carrying on “The Best of ….” series we have collected the TOP 5 things in Sunny Beach which you definitely need to do when you’ll have a few free hours before the MPNPT events start.
Sunny Beach is more than golden sandy beach and stunning weather, it is a mixture of history, delicious food, drinks, nightlife and various sport activities.


#1 Visit the ancient city, Nesebar and the tiny seaside town, Pomorie


Let’s start the list with the more than 3,000 years old Nesebar, the most important town in the Middle Ages on the rocky peninsula of the Black Sea. Religious buildings, historical ruins, and breath-taking architecture preserve the special atmosphere of the town which has been the part of the UNESCO World Heritage since 1983. After exploring Nesebar, a short drive south of Sunny Beach and you will find yourself at the end of the peninsula, in Pomorie. Believe us, these places are highly recommended to visit even if you’re not big fan of history.

#2 Stay active on the beach


If you are not a typical chilling on the beach type of person, and want to lose some of that nervous energy, then this place provides you with a tons of opportunities and facilities for sport like parasailing, Banana boat, Crazy UFO, or volleyball at the nets. Nearby Nesebar there is a 5 star dive resort, Angel Divers where you get offered courses and excursions for all levels of experience.

#3 Try the traditional local wines

Wine lovers will appreciate the next culture tip as not many people are familiar with the Bulgarian wines thanks to the popularity of French and Italian brands. Only 12 km from Sunny Beach, hidden in the mountain Medovo Winery is open for everyone who is keen to taste the red and white wines made from Bulgarian grapes and is enough brave to try rakias, the local spirit made from fermented fruit as well.

#4 Jump into the Bulgarian nightlife

“Partying till the sun comes up” is the motto of the people who are visiting Sunny Beach. Take our advice and have a huge rest before you travel to MPNPT Sunny Beach because you won’t be able to say NO to the nightlife and the millions of party-goers.

#5 Smother yourself in mud

Yes, you heard us right. The healing mud and lye pools are in the south part of the Atanasovsko Lake and are the largest free outdoor “SPA center” in the country. This unique mud heals you by drawing out the toxins and impurities from your body which you might need after partying all night. Complex minerals will help to balance out your body’s natural pH plus you get to smother yourself in mud.

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  • Leonardo says:

    It will be probably one of my best journay!!
    Let go to have some fun guys!
    Sunny beach 2018 MPNPT👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻💣

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