The Best of Bratislava

Let’s meet five places of Bratislava, the host city of the next MPN Poker Tour, that make the Slovakian capital a unique place in the heart of Europe.
Can you drag yourself away from the action at the felt for a couple of hours?
Here are our recommendations.

#1 Bratislava Castle
Yeah, that is the building from the promo picture.
If you want to see this iconic castle in the flesh as well, take your camera and take some artistic photos (definitely no Instagram filters needed here) of the beautiful view of the city.

Photo: www.visitbratislava.com

#2 UFO
The 95 meters high observation deck on the SNP Bridge runs definitely one of the coolest restaurant in the city. Attending the Player party on Thursday, you will get a view from river level as the venue called RIVA Bratislava is moored just by the UFO. If you can brave the heights, visit this futuristic place and enjoy your dinner with a stunning sunset.

Photo: Pinterest

#3 Devín Castle
Towering above the confluence of the Danube and Morava rivers the castle ruin is one of the most significant archaeological source in Central Europe. Walking through the ruin you can suddenly find yourself in a Game of Thrones scene so if you are a real fan of the series, don’t miss a trip to the castle.

Photo: Pinterest

#4 Old Market Hall
If you want to get the taste of the Slovakian local culture and food, set your alarm a little earlier and shake off your casino bar hangover with a visit to the Old Market Hall on Saturday morning. We are pretty sure that you find some specialties at the carefully selected sellers who are mostly farmers from the surrounding countryside.

Photo: Pinterest

#5 River Danube and the Little One
Walking along the riverbanks of the number one European river and its little branch gives you an extra hit. Enjoy the spring and relax a bit during the festival – a must if you have taken your other half as a guest.

Photo: Pixabay


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