Tens-ion Rises for Pietila

Paf qualifier Leo Pietila is our current favourite to hit the rail next, after getting involved in a button/cutoff raising war with Olybet qualifier Gediminas Krikstolaitis. The chips eventually all made their way into the middle, and Krikstolaitis was soon doubling up to over 450k, within sight of the chip lead, while Pietila was reduced to just 40k or so – seven or eight big blinds just a couple places off the money.

Pietila: Ts Th
Krikstolaitis: Qs Qd

Board: 4c 7h Kh 8d Jd

Other players who have even less chance of making the money than Pietila as they are definitely out already:

  • Andrej Paska
  • Luca Sebastiani
  • Phil Huxley (32Red)
  • Philipp Auger

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