Tavoularis Fights Back

If Gavin Kan thought that last hand had cowed Gergio Tavoularis into submission, he had another think coming.

We joined a biggish hand playing out between the two combatants on the turn of a board of Ah Ts 6d 9c- 7k or so already in the pot.

Tavoularis, in position, led out 3,800 after Kan had checked and Kan went through his usual routine of studying his opponent before throwing out the call.

The river fell a bricky-looking 5h and another check from Kan saw Tavoularis fire out 6,500. Kan sighed and looked pained, but eventually decided he had just too much to fold and called the chips, only to be shown A-T for top two.

He grimaced and sadly showed ace king for top-top as he conceded the pot.

Tavoularis gets his revenge and is up to 53,000 whilst Kan drops to a more perilous 18,000. Can he shake off this set-back and rise once more?

Incidentally at the same table, Ben Middleton, who performed with great panache at MPNPT VIenna 2017 in finishing runner-up, is pootling along gently, his stack just below its starting point at 24,000.

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