Tank Of The Tournament

Julie Whitworth just faced a big decision…a good deal of time elapsing as she mulled over her options.

Heads up with Leo Pietila, she check/ called a bet on the Qs 8d 9h flop before Pietila fired a second 100,000 barrel on the Ac turn. Whitworth check/ called once more.

The rivered 3d saw her check once more and now Pietila really put her to the test, jamming for his stack – Whitworth needing to call 400,000 if she was to continue in the hand.

A brutal decision with her stack on the line, Whitworth thought long and hard about this, her foot tapping, her hands tapping, staring down her opponent, leaning forward, leaning back and generally running through the full gamut of physical tics you tend to see when someone has a tough decision.

The table waited patiently for what we estimate was about 7 minutes when finally Whitworth decided to throw her hand away – electing to fight another day.

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